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This website offers the stories and findings of a year-long exploration of the violinist's balance.

Balance is the core of good violin and viola technique.
The violinist's balance is often disturbed by the demands of his instrument in combination with chin and shoulder rest that do not fit his body. Stiffened and shortened neck, arm and back muscles inhibit good playing, which requires free movement in all joints. Years of cramped playing can lead to discomfort, pain and injury.

Individual problems of balance were addressed by eleven violin and viola students at the Utrecht School for the Arts, Faculty of Music in the Netherlands. With professional supervision they improved their individual comfort and mobility with modifications of chin and shoulder rest. At the same time they re-trained cramped playing habits, using the Alexander Technique, to improve their playing technique. As a group they came up with new solutions, and recorded their experiences. In the process they overcame most of their playing difficulties.
This website provides multi-media documentation; you can read, see and hear what happened.

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